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For many years Microsoft has been the ‘Go To’ operating system for computer users all over the world. Even with the release of many competing operating systems from other companies, Microsoft has stayed at, or somewhat close, to the top since its inception in April 1975. However, with the release of every Microsoft Windows version the company is met with failure, persistently proving that they can’t please everyone. Everywhere you look, thousands of web sites share one common theme when it comes to any version or release of Windows, just that it is worse than the last. With Windows XP rapidly becoming outdated, Windows Vista was supposed to be the brilliant and exciting new product from Microsoft. But, after virtually being forced to release the new operating system before serious beta testing was completed, Vista was met with criticism and backlash. With complaints that it was bloated and plagued with performance, diver and compatibility issues, Microsoft was encouraged to go back to the drawing board and reinvent their next step in the technology industry.

After creating and testing their new operating system Windows 7, which was distributed to about 15 million people for a public test of the Windows 7 beta version, Microsoft  analysed the data and response from those computer users to find out exactly what people did with their computers, then learnt from their Vista mistakes to make Windows 7 quicker and smoother. Windows 7 has been made to use fewer resources and has a smaller memory footprint, which enables the consumer to use multiple applications, thus improving the user experience. (Schofield, 2009)

Even in beta form, with some features incomplete or imperfect, Windows 7 is much better than Vista, whose sluggishness, annoying nag screens, and incompatibilities have caused many users to tweak some of its features or just stop using it all together. In many respects, Windows 7 isn’t a drastic move from Windows Vista, but is more of an attempt to fix Vista’s main flaws. It shares the same fundamental architecture, and retains much of its visual appeal and it introduces some key new navigation and more straightforward features, plus scores of small usability and performance upgrades.

Windows 7 will eventually do away with some familiar bundled programs from Windows. Vista’s Mail, Calendar, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Address Book programs are being removed. To get similar basic free programs users will have to download them from Microsoft’s Windows Live service, or use alternatives from other companies. This is seen as a downside to the users that have enjoyed Vista, however through reviews and on-line blogs there does not seem to be many faithful Vista users. But Microsoft defends this move as supporting consumer choice and better coordination with Web services, but it does remove out-of-the-box functionality from Windows. (Mossberg, 2009)

But now, as technology improves and moves forward, Microsoft must keep updating and improving their products and they are taking their first leap with Windows 8. This is a chance for Microsoft to really stretch their legs. Windows 7 was a strong, perfectly acceptable operating system. But it always felt like it was making up for the sins of Windows Vista before it. Windows 8 can claim an identity of its own. (Wagner, 2012).

Windows 8 is seen by many users as Microsoft’s push into the mobile market where the company is still in the process of making a name for themselves. This area has majorly been dominated by companies such as Apple and Samsung. Microsoft’s ultimate goal is to dominate this market, and they see it happening with its own advancement with Windows 8, being more portable friendly while moving away from primarily creating desktop technology. By making Windows 8 a multi platform system, Microsoft can rest assured that a dominance in both markets is almost a guarantee in the future.

SSD Life

Here is a small program that I come across in my usual internet browsing called SSD Life, all it does is tell you how long your ssd has left in years, months and days.

It also gives you Trim information, space used and free, times powered on.

ssd life expectancy

ssd life expectancy

I don’t know how accurate that is? but it looks like I have a few years left :)

This is a great little application

Here is a quick feature list comparing the lite/free edition against the pro edition.

ssd lite pro features

ssd lite pro features

Blu-ray VGA Playback Problems

I went ahead and purchased a blu-ray optical drive for my computer, actually I did this months ago and I quickly ran into a problem that only happens if I connect my monitor to the video card via a VGA cable (which is the only way it can connect)



Here is a warning from then used Power DVD 9 I believe it was, the usual HDCP warning.

VLC does a similar thing



The only real way around this is to go out and buy a new monitor with at least a HDMI input which was out of the question, so I left it for a while because I wasn’t really in the mood to troll through all the crap google brings up.

I stumbled upon an answer when i went to the DVDfab website for some other software, I found a small free/lite program called Passkey Lite, what this small program does is on the fly protection removal while you watch the movie (actually it pops up a dialog from the system tray and takes about 5 seconds to remove the protection from any dvd or blu-ray that I threw at it)

Now when you run the program for the first time it comes up stating which edition you would like to use.

Just choose the Lite / Free edition as it works fine.

passkey lite

passkey lite

More Coming From My Minecraft Seroius

I have been busy producing quiet a few minecraft videos and have forgotten to post each one on my site (this site) actually I have only posted the first episode on this site. You can view upto episode 25 on my youtube channel.

I also have enought video for around 10 more episodes.

Here are some screenshots of my world and to expect after episode 25.

So as you can see there are quiet a few things in the pipeline so to speak. Actually that is an understatement.

So keep watching and keep an eye out for future episodes.

Spam Overload So Goodbye

Well My web site has reached a point where I seem to moderate spam comments more than actually creating content and in the last few weeks I have just given up on this site of which the main visitors seem to be people posting rubbish comments, anything from mens clothes and wallets to cheap prescription drugs.

I have had to completely disable all comments in order to stop this but now they are posting comments on pictures in my posts which I had no idea you could do.

For a few years I have used a plugin called ban ip, this is used to block spammers ip address from my web site which blocks them just fine but they still keep coming, I have also gone as far as blocking entire countries from accessing this web site.

I have actually made a decision, my domain name is dew for renewal in a few days, I don’t think I will renew it and just close / delete this site forever because I have lost a lot of interest in it. When I first started this site around 5 years ago I had a very different idea of where it / I would be today, this web site at the moment is mainly just full of useless out dated personal crap of which I only get visitors who don’t care about my actual content and  just care about there crap spam comments.

So for now It is farewell from me. Actually I will keep the domain name because I have a few email accounts with it which I don’t want to change or give up. So in a few days I will backup the site and then just delete it.

Thanks and goodbye.