WordPress sites and plugins I find useful

I started this blog over 18 months ago and there was a descent amount of help out there. Here is a quick list of sites that I find useful with web design, set up and general information for not only a wordpress based site but also general web development.

  1. Top 50 wordpress tutorials over at nettuts
  2. Basic tools of a wordpress developer at ithemes, they also have a good tutorials section
  3. Web jackalope for general creative web development
  4. Are your visitors suffering from widget blindness? (I should take this articles advice)
  5. 15 quick ways to shrink page load times
  6. Web page analyser, have your site checked for issues that could easily be fixed
  7. A different but still informative site is web warrior tools
  8. Best web gallery, a list of some great looking sites
  9. Create a word press theme in 5 minutes (a few years old but still a good read)
  10. WordPress theme hacks over at Web Designer Wall, actually there whole site is a good read
  11. I should mention wordpress.org which makes all of this possible with there blog software
  12. Yoast.com for some extra information and some plugins
  13. Sriniā€™s WordPress Laboratory
  14. CD wordpress site – lots of usefull reads there
  15. David Risley.com – this site go into many aspects of blogging
  16. Bloghonour
  17. Speckyboy
  18. AODdesign – a mixed site but still good
  19. Blog Perfume – WordPress related resources
  20. WordPress Cult
  21. Weblog tools collection

WordPress Plugins I use.

  1. Akismet for spam comments (trust me you will need it) also more information on there main site
  2. Akismet spam count to display to he world that you don’t like it (not really a requirement but hey why not)
  3. All in One SEO Pack – Optimises your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimisation)
  4. Google XML site maps – This plugin will create a Google sitemaps compliant XML-Sitemap of your WordPress blog
  5. WordPress automatic upgrade – allows you to upgrade your wordpress blog to the latest version with just a few mouse clicks and it even updates your plugins (displays a yellow bar below each plugin if there is an upgrade)
  6. Sociable is a plugin which adds social media buttons to your posts (this does place a advert for yoast at the bottom of your dashboard page)
  7. Flickr RSS is to place random images of yours from your flickr account on your blog
  8. Quotes collection.
  9. Smart Youtube – easily insert youtube videos into your blog, posts or rss feeds etc – this site also has many other plugins etc located here.
  10. Social links – show social sites like facebook, flickr, digg etc that you have accounts with, just like mine which is called my online life to the right (easy to add other sites to)
  11. WP-cumulus – adds a flash based tag cloud that spins and rotates etc when you place the mouse over it, just like mine that I have to the right of this post.
  12. Related posts – show related posts based on your tags, comes up at the bottom of each post (not on the main page though)
  13. Statpress – shows detailed stats about your web site, hits, page views, search results, browser types etc
  14. Subscribe to Comments is a robust plugin that enables commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent entries
  15. Google adsense manager – manage those google adds on your blog, when you finish a post you just add a small characters to the end of the post and it will display your google add there.

Some others I have been meaning to try.

  1. contact form 7
  2. WP super cache – This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog (don’t know if this is really required since there os other things you can do to make sure your site is fast)

I have quiet a number of other plugins installed but they are not active since i haven’t had the time to play around with them fully or they just don’t work to well.

  1. Ajax Fancy Captcha – doesn’t work with akismet spam plugin, since they are both to control spam they don’t work together.
  2. Ajaxed wordpress – I never got around to fully testing this one, ideal if you have a fresh theme and a fresh word press install because this plugin enhances everything.
  3. Collapsing Pages
  4. Flash flickr badge widget – I like the current one I have installed better
  5. GD Pages Navigator
  6. Nextgen Gallery
  7. WP-Twitip-ID Plugin – Add a twitter field to your comment form (easily)
  8. Addtoany is another social link to plugin like the one I use above called Sociable
  9. CD star rating – never gotton around to using this one.

That has taken a few days to get together, hope you all enjoy the read, well mainly links for now.