The Landmarks Located in the United States of America

  • Richard
  • December 10, 2013
  • Landmarks are very important as they serve to be the one that can guide a person or inform a person. But they can also be the ones that a nation can be known or become famous. Landmarks can vary in sizes and sometimes it seems that artists want to create a bigger and better than the others so many landmarks now appear. In one country you can see many landmarks that have significance for the country and also to its people.

    In the video clip above, you can see the different landmarks located in the United States.  There are ten of it in the video chosen according to the category set by the one who uploads the video and one of them is the Las Vegas Strip. It is a place where international and different performances are held that displays the glamor and American dream. Many people want to visit here and many sports events are also held here. One of the landmarks that cannot disappear in the United States is the Hollywood sign that was done through the use of autocad for the layout. Even if it is just a word but it has much meaning that attracts people to it.

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