What is in Branded Phones?

  • Richard
  • April 26, 2013
  • Branded phones usually we think the high cost for them. As we are living a tough a life, we only think of price. Actually branded products possess a high quality of making. Let’s think of the differences of branded phones and other phones.

    Branded phones have features that are better than that of others. Pixel is very good and we can use these pictures for commercial or socialization purposes. You can also make them for movies: of course best pixel is better for watching.

    The costs for materials that are used for making these high quality phones are expensive and of quality, this is why it is more expensive. Compare the features that are in the low quality kind and of that of the high quality ones. Totally different. What about logging problem? Low quality phones easily hang compared to that of branded phones. It Is not true that you are only paying the brand name of the phone because you are paying all the expensive cost the company has spent for it.

    What about memory? The most important thing that you have to think of now is the life span of the cell phone. It is pretty sure that branded phones have longer life span than low quality phones. What about battery? Usually low quality phones have not good battery meaning batteries are made of low quality—not how long the phone is alive, because consumption of battery depends on the applications loaded on your phone, and depends on how often you use them. If battery is low, it causes the phone to be turn off or do some malfunctions.